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eDocs provides secure access to trade confirmations, monthly statements, and tax documents. On demand access to account holdings, history, pending trades, and account values. Sign up for eDocs and/or Accounts Online services.

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If you are having difficulty signing in, please contact your Investment Advisor or e-mail accountsonline@leedejonesgable.com

Client Login Experience Upgrade Effective May 8, 2017

Effective May 8, 2017, there will be a change to the eDocs login and Account Online login interfaces on the Leede Jones Gable website in an effort to help clients distinguish between the two services, as well as provide direct access to the “Forgot Password” link and the French eDocs interface.


  • There will now be one Client Login button on the top banner (circled red below):


  • Clicking on the Client Login button will open a drop-down panel with three options for clients to choose from: eDocs, Accounts Online, and the Enrollment Form.


  • Clients will now see the ‘Forgot Password?’ button on the login page, which allows for eDocs password resets without having to contact your Investment Advisor (Clients must have security questions set up in order to use the Forgot Password functionality).
  • French eDocs users will be able to switch to the French interface by clicking on the “Français” button on the right-hand side of the eDocs login page.
  • For security reasons, please contact your Investment Advisor if they have difficulty signing in to eDocs and Account Online.

Please contact your Investment Advisor if you have additional questions.